Myra's embroidered jacket


This project accompanies Chapter 1 featuring Myra "The Quirky One" which you can read here. 

Chapter 1 introduces Myra, a quirky hipster type who is a clothing designer. One thing about Myra, she is an extreme DIYer. She loves to create and update. By update, I mean she likes to buy thrift store stuff and make it her own. The project below is in true Myra fashion. The denim jacket was found in a local thrift store. 

1. Find the right denim jacket. 

The right jacket has very little embellishment, rivets or washing techniques (unless you want that as part of your design).


2. Pick your embroidery colors. 

Color is extremely important. I chose these colors on the fly because the looked good at the embroidery floss rack at Michaels. Without realizing it, I chose a split complementary color scheme. 


3. Decide on your design & draw it on the garment.

I used a stencil that I had on hand and made my own design.. Before I started positioning my design, I found the center of the garment. I wanted my design to be modern and geometric because that's my jam. To draw my design on the dark denim I used white tailor's chalk.  

4. Start embroidering. 

The only stitches I used were the simple split stitch and satin stitch. This took me almost an entire season of Netflix's OA. 

5. Rock your awesome jacket.