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Modern Sculptural Bib Necklace with Black & White Agate, Brass, and Onyx on Leather Cord

Modern Sculptural Bib Necklace with Black & White Agate, Brass, and Onyx on Leather Cord


This architectural charm on this modern necklace is made of brass, panda agate, onyx and golden hematite. The black cording is natural leather. The length of the necklace from end to end is 14". The cording opening is 25", making it an easy pullover necklace with no need for a closure. The width of the charm is 4 1/4".

This is shipped in a box due to fragility.

Panda agate is the black and white variety of a common natural gemstone. Agate is a mineral in the quartz family. The mineral is believed to give stability to the wearer.

There are three golden color hematite beads on necklace. Hematite is a gemstone known as the blood stone and comes in varieties from steel color to red. It is believed to increase intuition, stimulate iron absorption in the blood and protection from bleeding.

One onyx bead is included in this necklace. Onyx is believed to release negative emotions and its presence ends bad relationships.

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