Diverse Universe Print

Women's reproductive rights have been in the news recently. This has inspired my watercolor of an abstract womb built around a spiral. In ancient symbology, spirals indicate feminine energy, the womb and evolution. I'm pro-choice, but it doesn't mean I'm anti-life. I love life. I see what happens when people don't care for that life after a birth. When there is no one to feed, cloth, shelter or teach that life. When there just isn't enough resources for a family to make it. Quality of life is just as important (maybe even more important) than the act of birth. We have so many years to live after being in the womb. I still want to celebrate the womb because it is life giving and all of us come from one. The name of the print comes from the many colors used and goes back to idea of there being diverse wombs but we all come from the same place. I believe that the infinite universe itself is a womb that created us. 

I started drawing in a stream of consciousness; which I am prone to do. I drafted a couple of circles and then drew around them to create my design. 

Scan 4.jpeg

I used bright tones of an earthy color palette to emphasize fertility. Once Ifinished the watercolor painting, I decided to turn it into a seamless pattern. 

Very 1960s-1970s right? It really is a throwback to the second wave feminist movement of that period. I loved the outcome of the repeat so I uploaded it to Redbubble to be used for shirts, an A-line dress, pillows and other products. Follow this link to buy this print from Redbubble. 

Diverse Universe print on a Redbubble Studio Pouch. 

Diverse Universe print on a Redbubble Studio Pouch.