Chapter 8: Priya

Priya chapter 3.jpg

Priya was in the backseat of the car heading upstate to Warwick Apple Winery and Distillery. She had yet to go on an upstate car trip in all the years that she lived in New York. This is what she had hoped to do with a group of friends. Now she was doing it. 

Vic was driving. Her girlfriend, a tiny blond college girl in a minidress that was inappropriate to the outing, sat beside Priya. Myra sat on the other side of the backseat. Shanelle was riding shotgun. The conversation was lively covering many topics like work, attending weddings, engagement rings, and dating. Vic’s girlfriend, Ireland, had very little to add to the conversation so she remained quiet. Priya brought up a discussion about books. She had been reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks which Shanelle had heard about on a Radiolab podcast. They spoke about the book while Vic and Myra talked a band they both liked. 

Their chattiness continued throughout the day as they gathered two medium sized boxes of apples. There were plenty of photo ops and posing among the orchards. They carried their haul back to the rental car.  

“What should we do we all with all these apples?” Myra asked.

“We should bake at my apartment tomorrow!” Priya offered. Shanelle and Myra were going to Priya’s that night for a grown up sleep over. Vic had to go to a party with Ireland that evening. 

“I’m not into baking but can I come over for a taste?” Vic asked.

“This is for bakers only,” Myra joked.

“Shit! I guess I’ll never get to taste,” Vic said with a laugh.

After they dropped off the apples at the car, they joined the lively crowd at the winery. There was a live band performing. All five of them did a wine tasting of three wines and an apple cider. After a full glass of wine, they decided to buy a couple bottles of the winery’s finest. 

Back in the city, the five women ate dinner at a small Thai restaurant in Murray Hill before dividing up apples and parting ways. It had been a fun filled day. 

At Priya’s one bedroom apartment, Shanelle and Myra changed to pajamas. Myra was in a screen tee and dolphin shorts. Shanelle wore long striped pants and a matching cami. Priya wore an old large t-shirt with shorts. They were all still chatty. They opened a bottle of red wine from the winery. They talked until they finished the bottle. 

The next morning, Priya made apples and cabbage with eggs. Her breakfast was a hit. Shanelle took down the recipe. Both Shanelle and Priya loved cooking. They discussed ideas for recipes using apples. Priya had an idea to make a rustic galette with apples. She was great at making handmade pie dough. Shanelle’s idea was to make apple bread. 

Their Sunday flew by with baking. Myra played dj; changing between indie dance music, top 40 and British house. There was dancing, singing and lots of chatting. Priya felt like she was really warming up to these brilliant women. They opened the apple cider that the bought the day before. By 2pm, Vic was ringing Priya’s buzzer. The baked goods were finished. Each woman had her own loaf of bread and a small galette. 

“Next time, we should have a craft night at my house,” Myra said. 

“But I’m not crafty,” Vic said. 

“Hang around with me and you will be,” Myra replied. 

“I want to do it,” Priya said. 

“Me too,” said Shanelle said.