Welcome to Alyson Jon Life & The New Homemaker's Club

My name is Alyson and I am the founder and designer of Alyson Jon Life. I design jewelry and other items that encourage others to embrace their own style. In other words, “Make Your Own Statement.” I also take this mantra into other areas of my life including home decor, cooking, finance and career. I want to encourage others to make their own path through DIY and creativity.

I chose to use fictional storytelling to narrate my blog. This will be one of the few times you’ll read anything in my voice in the upcoming posts. As an avid reader and lover of scripted television, I felt it is best to create characters. Besides we are all so used to scripted “unscripted” blogs, social media and reality shows. Someone is curating and conducting it all into a perfect picture. I am just being upfront with my use of fiction for my blog. I just think its more entertaining to get lost in characters. Any Game of Thrones or Mad Men fan would agree me there. Just enjoy this extremely long chick lit experiment. :-)

My main characters are four professional women living in New York City (sounds familiar, am I SATC fans? or Girls fans?). These women are all people of color (see its not that similar to SATC or Girls). They are intelligent, beautiful and trying to maneuver their late 20s and early 30s. Each character has own view of the world along with her own style. And yes, those styles correlate with my jewelry and other offerings. Of course I hope that you purchase something but if you come away entertained or with a new tip then I am happy to help.

The characters are Myra, Shanelle, Priya and Vic. They are The New Homemaker's Club (yes, the name is reminiscent of The Babysitter's Club). The fun of the name of their group is that they are modern women who are learning how to be economically sound adults in a world of instant conveniences. Each of my designs are categorized by each character.

Myra is a latina American who I refer to as “The Quirky One” because she is your typical Brooklyn-based graphic designer with a sleeve of tattoos, a love of NPR and a penchant for bright red lipstick. Her style is kitschy and funny.

Shanelle is the African-American former midwesterner with a traditional feminine style. She isn’t a sentimentalist but she loves soft bright colors and medallion prints. I refer to her as “The Traditional One.”

Priya is the mid-century modern loving assistant curator at a museum. She loves high art and frequently attends art events. She is Indian-American and I refer to her as “The Cultured One.” Her style is modern and she loves geometric abstract prints.

Vic is “The Esoteric One”because she is into natural stones, aromatherapy and has a hippie sort of style. As a Filipino-American she is into finding her native roots.

Please follow the blog and add it to your RSS feed. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, check my events page for events near you.  Thank you!