The New Homemakers' Club

The Plot

Four women of different backgrounds meet at a conference for women of color in New Rochelle in 2010. They all reside in New York City. They all become friends at a time when all them need lifestyle changes. They refer to themselves as the New Homemakers Club because they always meet up for DIY. Follow their journey into life after college but before commitments. 

Myra is the quirky one. She is Mexican-American and originally from Los Angeles. She is seeking friendships. Her style can be described as hipster but she would hate that description. She likes retro kitschy things. Myra is crafty and loves to sew.

Shanelle is the traditional one. She is African-American and originally from Atlanta. She is in a long term relationship with her college boyfriend. She is unfulfilled by her current lifestyle which is based on her college years. Her style is classic with a twist. She loves pastels and very feminine details. Shanelle loves to cook and DIY home decor. 

Priya is the cultured one. She is Indian-American and originally from a small town in Ohio. She is introverted and seeking friendships for the first time in her life. She is intellectual but also loves chick lit. Her style is very sophisticated and chic because of her love for mid-century modern. Priya is an avid reader who frequently attends cultural events and she loves baking. 

Vic is the esoteric one. She is Filipino-American and originally from Washington D.C. She is extroverted and becoming very spiritual. She is the kind of person who lets go and lives according to her emotions. She is realizing how important stability is to her life. She believes in the power of gemstones and has plenty of knowledge on them.